Feature Venue:  The Metropolitan Entertainment Center (The Met)

Stage Design

A  giant haunted castle Stage design inclusive with a graveyard theme, featuring an array of lasers and sharpie lights was displayed in front of the crowds. The haunted castle featured a DJ overtop of the castle, giving that "king of the castle" feel to Winnipeg's most renown DJ's, as patrons danced the night away.








Light show Design


A Professional coordinated light show, inclusive with a laser maping concept, and 4 high powered lasers kept crowds entertained all evening. It was a spectacle like no other, which really brought the party to life.










Balloon Design

A Spectacular giant spider balloon design was featured over top of the dance floor. An amazing light show was displayed through the wobbly helium filled spider legs, creating an enchanting atmosphere as patrons danced the night away.  Furthermore, throughout the night the spiders balloon legs were slowly released to create a "walking spider" effect on the crowd, and ultimately the spider floated among the masses.